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This site was started back in 1999. Here is the original raison d’ętre for starting it, copied from my first home page:

These scrolls are dedicated to the greatest war of all times, The War of Light & Darkness. They shall contain images of fearless warriors, ugly demons and merciless battles between them. You also will be able to learn about the armor and weapons, rules, history and future of the war along with bits of wisdom and training manuals to aide you in your quest.
This is what the site was supposed to be and that version is still in my mind; however, turning a vision into reality has proven to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. At this point the site has a few things that were envisioned for it initially - quotes, poetry and campfire as well as what everyone nowadays calls a "blog" and what I called ramblings back when "blogs" weren't invented yet :)
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