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Hello again! Merry Christmas! I sure am glad that fellow was born :-) If he wasn't, I wouldn't have my best friend and my life would still be miserable. All the big holidays make me feel kind of funny most of the time actually. I am still trying to figure out why. I do have some ideas, but maybe I will post them after some more thinking, possibly after the New Year...

I don't really have a "holiday" quote, so here is one that maybe good for all the family get-togethers, parties and dinners with friends.
"You can win more friends with your ears than with your mouth."
And another one, that goes well with it -
"The first step to wisdom is silence; the second is listening."
Today is the last working day of this year for our department and the whole school district for that matter, [yeah, I know it is cool to be working for a school district :-] Chuda and I are planning on going to Los Angeles for Christmas, will be spending a few days there with her Mom and sister.

This one made me laugh,
"The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the one who argues with him."
Reminded me of some discussions in computer forums. Someone says something like "AMD sucks! I am having this problem with it, that problem and I've been working on computers for 20 years and I am a super-duper engineer at Microsoft/Intel/IBM/whatever and no one knows anything better then me", then everyone starts replying to the post arguing with the guy. Come on! Can't you see that the guy doesn't care for a solution? All he wants is to do is try and show off. BTW, even If I have some certifications, who cares? I either can or can't fix problems, right? And in forums especially, who cares what degrees/certificates you have? Oh, well. It is just funny to check those posts a few days later and have 100+ messages in it that have nothing to do with the original problem!

Had a great time with God last night. Talked about quite a few things. A lot of great things are coming! He is really cool!

Since I will have these two weeks off, I am thinking about networking a few more rooms in the house and making the whole office look neater. Will move my server, the hub and UPS to a closet after adding some shelves to it. Should be fun! Also, while I am at it, I am thinking about buying a 10/100 switch, which will allow me to connect more than four PCs during our LAN parties [I am keeping my 5 port hub and adding another 5 port switch.]
I was very glad to be back at work today, kind of missed all the guys while I was sick. We had a great potluck today, too!

"Ability will enable a man to go to the top, but it takes character to keep him there."
We are having fun playing Darkstone with Chuda, waiting for Diablo II. After installing it on our test PC, I encountered some funny problems. The game would play very slow, even though hardware requirements/recommendations to play the game were definitely met. I tried reinstalling drivers for the video card, double-checked all my hardware configurations, but everything seems to be OK... I am suspecting that it's a Direct X problem.

It forced me to look through all the *.exe files in \Windows and \Windows\System, looking for the Windows troubleshooting tool I read about a while ago. Well, after some searching, I did find it - \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\MSInfo32.exe. Then after getting to my Start Menu to put a shortcut to it I found out that it was there all along! [I am not sure whether I found it before and put it there or if Windows installed it originally, since I rearranged my Start Menu to fit my workstyle. Oh, well. It was fun looking for it anyway :-]

It is pretty useful, has DirectX diagnostic utility, bootup troubleshooter, system file version checker and provides quite a bit of other info. What is funny though, is that I am having as much fun trying to solve the problem as playing the game!
Hello again! Yesterday was Chuda's birthday. We went shopping and had a very good time, just the two of us. She is truly a great present for me. There is no other human closer and more dear to me then her...

I am finally feeling well enough to go back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it, missed all the guys at our Help Desk... Thanks to William's suggestions, I am redesigning this page a bit. In addition to little changes that I already made, I am thinking about adding some color and/or graphics to make the newest additions to the page more noticeable.

The other day I saw a saying on someone's T-shirt. It read, "P.U.S.H. [Pray Until Something Happens]". I thought it was a great quote. Reminded me of how many times we pray those religious little prayers that don't go any higher than the ceiling above us. Someday I am going to post an article on what I think real prayer is. I learned to P.U.S.H. not very long ago myself [maybe a few years], and my life hasn't been the same since.
Sorry for not updating the site for a few days. I was sick, some kind of a flu I guess. I am still a bit sick, but am getting better and can do a little work on my PC, before I could only play games :-)

I wanted to talk a bit about paying attention to details. I like playing RPG [Role-Playing] games. After playing Diablo I played EverQuest but didn't like it very much and decided to wait for Diablo II, since it was going to be out by Christmas. Well, as usual, Blizzard had to delay the release date of the game. I kind of missed playing RPG games, so I decided to shop around for one. Darkstone seemed pretty nice and had good reviews, so I bought it. After playing it for a few days, I started appreciating Blizzard much more.

You see, even though Darkstone is newer, is an actual 3D game compared to Diablo's 2D top-down/3rd person perspective and has a few more additional features that Diablo doesn't, Diablo still has a feeling of a much better game. In Diablo, everything is made very professionally. The game is very immerse, from sounds of your steps, doors being opened and every NPC [Non Player Character] having his/her own character and tone of voice, to intro and ending movies, everything is made very, very well and you can tell that someone spent a lot of time working on every part of it. Darkstone on the other hand was created by a smaller group of programmers who more than likely spent less time on it and didn't refine every bit of it as did Blizzard. It is amazing to me that such little things can make such a big difference in the overall feel of the game.

I can be totally wrong on this one, but I think I can now see why people would pay over $40,000 for a BMW when they could by a car with similar features from Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc., for much less money. I think the little details and overall feel of the car is what differentiates it from the rest of the crowd and makes it more valuable and enjoyable.
We went shopping for some clothes last night [I do this twice a year :-] That and a couple of other things made me think. Too often I see people buying something not because they need it, but because it seems to fill something in them. They are unhappy inside and are trying to fill the void with new clothes, cars, boats, computers... They don't understand that buying something new will not satisfy them, it just takes attention off the real issue for a short time. Pretty sad I think...

Here is something that made me smile -
"Even a woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head." :-)
I made a couple of small updates to the Building a computer guide. Added some links to other sites that do actual hardware reviews. I noticed that in Opera which uses standard HTML the site looks fine [fonts and font sizes look correct,] but Internet Explorer 4.x looks much worse, some things are not the right size, others are not bolded, etc. I will try to figure out why and see if I can fix it. [I really don't like when companies think that they are big enough to get away from the standard and start making their own standards, forcing everyone to do double work. Arrgh!]
"Temper is what gets most of us into trouble. Pride is what keeps us there."
Sadly, I've seen this happen too many times. Even when people know that they were wrong, they won't admit it and instead will not speak to each other for days or even years! How stupid... It takes a strong will and true character to be able to admit that you were wrong.
Found this one while looking for some famous last words, thought it was pretty funny.
"How's he gonna read that magazine rolled up like that?"
a fly
Today's quote is one of the most important ones. It is a reminder of how to use the most devastating weapon of all - The Holy Hand Grenade. Enjoy, and if you haven't seen "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", go rent it now!
"A reading from the Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20:
Then did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, saying, "Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy."
    And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree-sloths and fruit-bats and orangutangs and breakfast cereals ..."

"Now did the Lord say, "First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out.
    Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
A woman probably said this one, but I can agree with the quote:
"Living would be easier if men showed as much patience at home as they do when they're fishing."
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra..."
"Man can not discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
"Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."
Because of all the Thanksgiving preparations, I may not be able to update the site until weekend. So for now, there is a quote below and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, I sure have a lot to thank Him for...

"Some people complain because God put thorns on roses, while others praise Him for putting roses among thorns."
I am rethinking the design of this site. Added a link to part II of the quotes on the Thinker pages and added another link to [soapbox] speeches page. Both of these pages are for archiving purposes only. All the new quotes and [soapbox] speeches will be posted on this page first.

Here is another funny one, in time for Thanksgiving family get-togethers:
"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city."
I have updated the Business page with some pricing info and my Building a computer guide is also ready. I decided not to have the PC Tips button in the main menu on the left, instead have links to my computer tips in the Business page.

Here is a funny one:
"Now there is even a "dial-a-prayer" for atheists. You call the number and nobody answers."
Sorry for not being able to post a quote yesterday; we are having central heating installed in our house and after finishing all the stuff I had to get done yesterday I got to bed at 1:30AM [no, I didn't play any games! :-] I finished two pages of the PC Building Price Guide, after Chuda checks my grammar I am going to post it.

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves."
So remember to shine, at home, at work and in the 5PM traffic.

Every month we get a teaching/preaching tape from Roberts Liardon. While driving today, I was listening to it in the car. He mentioned that God promised him a jet eight years ago and now finally he got it. He decided to ask why it took so long. God's answer was, "Because it took you eight years to realize that it is a tool and not a social status thing."

That reminded me about something I thought of before. Some of the most powerful computers are servers that serve hundreds and thousands of users. No one in his right mind will put a 1GHz Alpha processor, Ultra 2 Wide SCSI hard drive and 1GB of memory in a computer that is used only for browsing the Internet and typing letters.

God is not going to give you a jet if the only thing you do is try to please yourself. You do not have a need for it and he has no desire to reward you with things that you don't necessarily need either. But if you serve other people and work hard at it, he will make sure that you have enough and more then enough power to do that.

One last thing. Sometimes if administrator sees that server needs more memory or hard drive space, he/she may take some out of computers that are not used very much. Just something to think about... This is the case of "use it or lose it..."
I did update the page yesterday, but forgot to upload the file, oops :-) I will try to post a quote later on today. I am practically done with the PC price guide for building it yourself, so if everything is well sometime this week... One more good news - I finally figured out how to clean up some of the really dark parts of the Helen 2 photo I'm working on. Once it's done I will post it too.
Yes! I passed the A+ test, both of them! Now I am officially Microsoft and CompTIA certified. Boy, do I feel important :-P
[Update] It really is a great day today, I got my Visor!

This quote seems timely now:
"Authority makes some people grow - others just swell."
I will try to make sure that I will be the one who grows, not swells.
Today was a good restful day. Yesterday we worked around the house, cleaned gutters, put up a lattice (hope I spelled it right...) etc. Today we mostly rested, had a nice lunch out with Chuda, I went to the computer show, bought myself a CD-ROM and checked on prices for different PC parts. If everything is well, I am planning on posting a price guide for building new PCs.

Tomorrow is a big day, 8AM I am going to take two tests to get my A+ certification, Core module and DOS/Windows module. Well, good night for now; I shall post my test results and a quote tomorrow.
I found that the best time to workout is from midnight to 2AM. Grab a good CD, browse the Net while pedaling on the bike and read a book when in the sauna. Ah, what else does a nerd need? ;-) [well there are actually a few things...]

I added another page to my Projects section in the Business pages, Helen 2. Go check it out if you are interested in photo editing.

I was listening to one of Joyce Meyer's tapes some time ago and have been thinking about it in the last few weeks. She was talking about God giving us his grace for different things in our life at different times. For example, he gives grace to some to be praying or reading the Bible for hours and if you try to do it on your own you won't last long.

I have noticed that in my life too. Sometimes he gives me grace to do things that normally I would not be able to do. This is only fourth week as I started reading the A+ study guides and I already finished 600 pages of the Core module and over 300 pages of the DOS/Windows module. I am ready to take the tests already! Yes I did know a lot of it already but I didn't really skip any pages when reading, just to make sure that I won't miss anything important. He is quite an amazing fellow...

I also think that this is where religion tries to come in and kill the possibility of a great relationship with God. I see so many people trying to be so "spiritual" and earn God's approval by reading the Bible a lot or praying a lot, but they miss the whole point. He already loves you and he won't love you any more if you torture yourself. Why don't you go to him and just do what he suggests? It will be a lot more pleasing to him and a lot easier for you since he will provide you with enough grace and strength to do whatever task he assigns to you. I found life to be so much easier and happier ever since I realized that.
Instead of a quote, here is a question from an A+ Certification study guide I am reading:
When connecting an ESD strap to an extension cord, you must connect it to:
  • the "hot" pin
  • the "negative" pin
  • the "ground" pin
  • all of the above
I say, all of the above... ;-)
In the last few days I was a witness to some friction between two of my friends. The following quote seems very timely in the light of all that.
"The best way to get the last word is to apologize."
I think so many things could be resolved if only we would humble ourselves and put interests of others before ours... I see it work in my life every day. Yes, I am an optimist :-)
Hello all! Sorry for not posting for two days, didn't have time to get to my computer really, had a lot of things to do at work (outside the building) and at night had a few customers I was helping with their computers. Anyway, enough excuses :-)

"Failure in people is caused more by lack of determination than lack in talent."
I can really agree with that one. I've seen plenty of people that live average boring life or even worse, even though they have great talents. And I am yet to see a person who doesn't have a talent. This and a preaching I was listening to in my car while driving on Monday and Tuesday made me really think and focus on my goals. I am sure I can handle more then I am now and I want to make sure that my body doesn't control me, but my spirit controls my soul and my body. This leads me to the next thing.

While thinking about my goals, I remembered that one of them was to lose 30lb, another to learn Photoshop better and third one was to make some professional greeting cards (not really in that order). The last one was changed to creating this website, and that is pretty much completed, once The War pages are up. I am learning/working with Photoshop so that's done also, but losing weight... It's already November, so I have less then 60 days to lose 30lb, that is .5lb a day. Will be interesting to see if I can do this.

I challenge those of you who are reading this and know that you haven't done your best to fulfill your New Year/Birthday resolutions. Can you get it done? I sure will do all I can to fulfill mine.
Good day! I guess I am switching to the opposite way of updating this page, from only on weekends to only on weekdays ;-)

"The secret of achievement is to not let what you are doing get to you before you get to it."
And another one:
"A man is never in a worse company than when he flies into a rage and is beside himself."
Usually I like to think before I say something and sometimes that thinking time is pretty long. Chuda even has to check sometimes, "Are you thinking about what I said or are you sleeping?" :-)

Let's see if you can figure out why I like this quote,
"The trouble with the guy who talks too fast is that he often says something he hasn't thought of yet."
Haha, isn't that the truth...

I have a very good news! Everyone in our department was kind of worried who we will get in place of Jim [our IT director] who retired. Well, the good news is that we got someone very nice! Her name is Sally and she has been working with us for a few months now, a very nice person. Now we just need to pray for a good fellow to fill her position.
To all the "nuts" out there, this is my personal favorite,
"The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood it's ground."
This one goes to all real friends in my life,
"Real friends are those who, when you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel you've done a permanent job."
Thank you for being there for me at all times, even when the rest of the world turns away.
Here is another interesting quote,
"A person's true character is revealed by what he does when on one is watching."
I can definetily agree with this one. I really don't like twofaced people. Personally I think that I am who I am and if I have to hide something from others, that means it is not right and maybe I should not do it at all.
I am one of the lucky ones that don't even have to get on the freeway to get to work, so I do feel sorry for the rest of you guys... At my old work, when I had to drive on the freeway, I used to take some teaching tapes with me and listen to them on the way to/from work. i would get through a tape in 2 days or so, I kind of liked it actually. I still do it whenever I have to drive somewhere, gives me some food for thought.

Here is a quote for Monday road rush:
"Patience is a quality you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead." :-)
Sunday, my favorite day! Had some time to work on the photos today, here is what I believe is the final Helen-f2 photo. Decided to add some information on my current projects to the Business page. Here is the page of the first Photoshop project.
Hail all! I am still here and I am still working on The War pages, the photos and my Russki Worms team ;-). Thinking about updating this page daily, maybe with some wisdom quotes.

My old friend/neighbor Peter came from Russia this Wednesday. Haven't seen each other for over 5 years, he almost didn't change. Maybe I just didn't spend much time with him and am making a hasty judgement, but I sure hope that I matured, became wiser and crazier in the last 5 years a bit more.

Read about 400 pages out of 700 of my CNA book, got a bit tired of it. Bought two A+ certification books (Core Module and DOS/Windows), reads pretty easy and quick so far. Will be switching between the two (A+ and CNA) so I don't get burned out on one... In the evenings, after my daily job I am working on a few PCs for my friends and customers.

Few days ago finally figured out how to mount a CD-ROM as a volume on a Netware 4.x server. Whoever I would ask, they didn't know/couldn't remember how to do it. Turned out that it was very difficult :-P, I just had to type LOAD CDROM.NLM, then CD MOUNT ALL and that did it! Now I just have to figure out how to setup my Internet Access Server on it and I will be very happy! Don't want to shell out $200 for something like WebRamp, WebBeetle, etc., plus it is fun to learn how to do it myself.

I had a few people ask me how much it would cost to build a good computer. I will try to figure it out this weekend/coming week and post the results on my Business page under Projects. Wouldn't mind upgrading my motherboard/CPU/video sometime soon either.

Started using Micro$oft Outlook 97, as much as I don't like everything Micro$oft, but my Visor will have to sync to it, so I am trying to see if I can live with it or if I will have to find a different Personal Information Manager (PIM). So far it is OK, even though I am not very impressed and there are a lot of things that bug me about it.
Well, it's happened, as much as I tried to keep it from happening... The site was left without an update for over 2 weeks :-(  Here is what's been happening in the last 3 weeks.

Last Saturday-Sunday my cousins, friends from my hometown and I went on a little boat trip, to some lake (forgot the name :-) We rented a big patio-boat and one of the guys brought his own smaller boat also. It was a lot of fun, just 11 of us guys. As Chuda said, "Go on, get out of here, get all that gross guy stuff out of your system!"

And we have: we burped, played rough, made fun of each other and didn't have to worry that someone will get offended. It is nice to be able to do that once in a while. Had our share of adventures too; the smaller boat with 6 guys broke and they had to sit in the middle of the lake at night for a couple of hours. Then someone went by and helped two of them get to the "mothership"; then we had to go and rescue the rest of them in the dark, not knowing where they were exactly. They got scared so much when a big bear swam by that we had to look for a parking place for the boat for a long time, until we found a really steep shore.
The only things we ate was shish-kebab, soda and chips. Ahh, nirvana! ;-)

Bought System Shock 2, after playing the demo. Pretty cool game. Graphics are a little worse then Quake II, since it's not using OpenGL but DirectX, but it is very immersive. I play it at night usually, with headphones on, and every time some monster pops from around the corner I get goosebumps and jump up in your chair. Very nice game, if you don't mind being scared to death sometimes :-) Been playing with Worms lately too, a lot of fun!

Almost finished working on one of those photos, just need to work on the background a bit more, to make it look more natural. Once that's done will post the finished picture and move on to the next one. Have been evaluating Compaq Aero palmtop. Liked the ability to carry a lot of data with me and enter some whenever I want to, helps me stay organized too. I didn't like the design though, I think I like Palm III better. When I read about Handspring's Visor palmtop, that was it. Called them and ordered it today. It is cheaper, has the same OS and has an extra expansion slot, what else can you ask for?

Started updating The War page with the things I wrote in that cafe, got so excited doing it that I got off the computer at 3AM :-) It is coming along and I am very happy with the design and the story... Well, you guys have a great weekend! I know I sure need some rest from this week.
Wasn't very much happening plus I was very tired, that's why I didn't update last weekend. Last Thursday went to a cafe and while having some tea and a lemon pie an inspiration dawned on me. Started writing like crazy the biography of Warrior Of Light (the character) and while at it started writing The War pages. I really like when I get these inspirations, too bad it's not every day :-) If everything goes the way I would like it to, I will be working on that project this coming Sunday...

Stumbled upon an interesting site, full of freeware with ratings, www.NoNags.com. Some shareware titles too, but I was mostly interested in freeware. Looks like there are a lot of small (and not so small) utilities, some of which are pretty useful.

Started fixing up the photos that I mentioned a few posts below, here is what one of them looks like now: Helen-f1. Photoshop is a lot of fun to work with. If anyone of you guys need something edited, e-mail me and describe the project. When I have some free time I would be glad to work on it...

My "Shinjuru" paladin is at level 13 now! Getting to be more fun playing him, especially since I'm trying to roleplay most of the time. Makes the game a lot more fun for me... (I guess that's why it's in the Role Playing Game genre :-P) Quake 3 Arena bus should be in town this weekend, I will try to make it there, will be fun playing on the fastest PCs against 7 other players! Especially if it's not just the Q3test but the full version... Blizzard announced Warcraft III (I was kind of wondering what happened to their Warcraft Adventures project) and if it will be what they say it will, I am going to be one of the first people to buy it! Well, hope you are having a nice Friday and wish you a fun and relaxing weekend!
Typing the date made me laugh, because some of my relatives started getting paranoid after hearing/reading somewhere that on this day all the PCs will not accept the date, cause all kinds of problems and stop working :-) I guess all the Y2K paranoia still isn't enough for some people...

Was looking for some info on EverQuest on the web the other day and stumbled upon an interesting site, The Burning Heart guild. The site is kind of interesting, plus it inspired me to work on my roleplaying skills and maybe develop a biography and a profile for my Warrior Of Light (forced to use alias Shinjuru in EQ...) character. It may prove useful in developing this site as a resource for spiritual warfare info. I want to do it in a fun and entertaining style and roleplaying seems to be a good way to do it. Maybe, maybe...
[update 2008.02.23 - The Burning Heart site no longer exists.]
This coming Saturday we will have a get-together of all the guys from our hometown, Chadyr-Lunga, Moldova (former USSR.) On a different note, my Shinjuru paladin is level 10 now and he finally learned how to dodge! :-)

Friday is here! It was a busy week at work. William took a vacation to go to the Burning Man event, couple of other guys took a few days off too, so we were really busy this week. Now that we have a fairly good scanner at work, I was able to scan some ruined photos of my mother-in-law (no m-i-l jokes here, she is a very nice person actually.) I will try to restore the photos, so we can print them out. This is what they look like now: Helen 1, Helen 2, Helen 3. I will post the finished ones as soon as they are done.

On a sad note, my IT director and friend Jim is retiring. He was a great boss, we all will miss him. I am sad for myself and the department, but I am happy for him. Now he will have more time to spend on the important things: family, friends and his website with BGCOLOR=FFA07A :-). Good luck Jim!
The big day is here! Almost all pages are up and now I can focus on the more difficult one - The War. It took us a week longer then I though it would; Chuda is a perfectionist, she had a lot of suggestions on how the pages should look. We tried to get the site done by last Friday, but even staying up 'til 4AM didn't help, there was a lot more things to correct. Thanks to her though, they read a lot smoother. Feel free to let me know what you think about the site.
If everything goes well, this coming Friday will be the day when this site will be officially open :-) "About" pages are done, I will ask Chuda to reread the whole site and make sure there are no silly mistkes :-) I might add a few things to "Stuff" page and we should be ready to open! Then Sunday through Wednesday we will go camping and take a well deserved brake (Chuda is making sure that I get out of my office at least once a month or so, to see the world and not just my monitor :-) I might bring a laptop with me and work on the site while she is sleeping anyway though :-].
"About" pages are practically done. Photos.htm is pretty much ready also, I will add some more pictures later. Once I finish refining these two areas, the site will be pretty much ready, at least I will start telling people about it.

My Shinjuru paladin is finally lvl 9 and is able to do Heal, Spook the dead, Cure Poison, etc. I am glad to be able to help others while they are fighting (of course it comes in handy in my own fights also :-) This is why I became a paladin a.k.a. Holy Warrior. Anyway, hope you are having a good day!
About half way done with photos.htm, "About" pages are about 2/3 done also. If I get the inspiration this weekend, I will finish the "About" pages. It is kind of hard for me to write about certain subjects. They are very important to me and I want to get my point across. It is very easy to ruin it all by being in a hurry.

On a different note, bought Worms 2 (great game!), Quake 3 beta 1.08 is out and it works on IPX/SPX networks! Now we have something new to play on our gaming days... I haven't played with my EverQuest Shinjuru paladin for the last few weeks or so, but I think finally I will get back to it. He is already lvl 8.5 and I need to just play a few more hours, then I will be lvl 9 and will be able to use Heal and other stuff :-)

Chuda was visiting her parents for a week, being alone made me realize how much she means to me... Without her the house is too lonely and empty... with her it is filled with life and joy!

Spiritually I am going through a hard time right now. I am praying for wisdom and knowledge, so I can understand myself better. There seems to be a certain thing in me that I do not want to have, but all my efforts to get rid of it didn't seem to help much. We will get it out though, and once it's out, I shall show the way to other people. There are a lot of people around that have the same thing, some are struggling with it, some don't even try to.
Today, after church service worked on this page for the rest of the day. Replaced the navigation bar on the left with a new one, using java script rollovers. Looks more like my style now.

Had a great time with William and Wayne Friday night playing QII.

Had a nice Super-Super-Burrito for dinner today. Mexican food is the best, after you take out the beans :-)

About pages are almost completed, if I have enough time, will try to finish them up before Friday and have a Grand Opening :-) I also came up with a general layout plan of our church page, now just have to talk to those guys about putting it up.
A lot of things to do at my job, also have to work on the patio in our backyard, get pretty tired and not much time to work on the site. I am at least half way through the About pages though; I think I will "officially" announce the site to the world :-) after finishing those pages and then will start working on the Thinker pages, Stuff, The War and Chuda's pages. Hope you are having a good time also!
Today during our church service I came up with an idea how to create a website for our church. So if everything goes OK, I might get to work on that too, should be fun! Changed the menu bar (the one on the left) design a little bit today, did a few minor updates to a few pages. Still working on those Bible Study notes and the article for it, also on the About page. Hope you had a great weekend, I really enjoyed mine!
Definitely decided to merge Thinker page and Bible Study pages together. Will have to edit the menu bar and come up with a better design for the Thinker page. Working on an article for the Bible Study page, scanned some pictures to add to About page. Looking into using frames on this site, might be easier to manage and update the pages that way... Other then that it was a pretty busy week at work. Started studying for my CNA exam, did a lot of quadrant 2 things (if you took S. Covey's class or read the "7 habits of highly effective people" book, you know what I am talking about.)
Last night finally had some time to create a bootable floppy that would allow me to get on my network. Installed Premiere 5.1 on Marks PC and will install his DV300 video capture card this week or in the beginning of next. Want to see how his new dv camera works with the capture card and Premiere.

Not very satisfied with my relationship with God, fasting today, asking Him to show me if I am doing something wrong or just going through a different spiritual stage. Borrowed DC Talk/Supernatural CD from my friend Mark, these guys are good! They are one of the few bands that I would buy a new album from without listening to it first.
Updated Thinker page with some quotes, ran spell check on most of the pages and edited all of them a bit. Glad to be back at work, even though these guys made fun of me today (good job on that picture William! :-) Found out that Blizzard posted some Diablo II gameplay and movie trailer files, looks pretty good! Can't wait 'til they release it finally... (I was kind of laughing at Steve and Bert for counting the days 'til StarWars:Episode 1 was released, but I guess I am not much different, heh? :-) I think in order to keep this page readable, I will start moving parts of it to Old Ramble pages.
  1999.06.29   Grover Hot Springs, CA
It's 23:00, campfire is going out, my Chuda is going to bed and finally I have some time to work :-) It's been a really great trip, the place is really beautiful, hiking, fishing, campfire, marshmallows, hot chocolate in the morning... hmm, good stuff! When we get back and develop the pictures we took, I will post some of them.

Had a great time with our LAN party on Saturday, I finally played Quake II one-on-one with William and beat him 20 to 14 (sorry William, I had to brag. Just to make sure that it wasn't just luck, we will have to do it again :-) Remembered the old days and played Diablo with my brother Anton, my friend/nephew Mark and my wonderful wife Chuda afterwards (she is getting into the games now too, hehe.)

Hard to believe, but I kind of miss the guys at work, I'm glad we are going home tomorrow. There are a couple of ideas I want to implement on this site, so that makes my desire to get back even stronger. Well, enough rambling already, time to do other stuff. Hope you are having a great week and don't forget to take some time off and enjoy the nature, your family, time alone and time with God.
I am currently working on the Bible Study page and am thinking about combining it with the Thinker pages. This Saturday we will have a LAN party at my house and then we will go on a camping trip 'til Wednesday. I might write some things while we are on the trip, depending on the circumstances. Forgive me for any grammar mistakes you might find on this site, sometimes I get excited and start typing like a nut, forgetting to run a spell check :-) Just let me know where you see a mistake and I will fix it. I appreciate it. Hope you have a good weekend!
Worked on the site a little more today. Had a lot of work to do and after that was playing EverQuest almost every night :-) Changed a few things on the Business page, will add my new MCP logo soon. Updated my PC Tips page. I am not sure yet how I want PC Tips to be, hate wasting my time trying to type some tips that are too simple, so I might just put the ones that I think are interesting and the new ones that I just learned.
Updated the Linkz page and Business page. Had a great time relaxing on Saturday, played EverQuest for about 5 hours total, now my Shinjuru (sorry William, they wouldn't accept any of my regular names, so I had to borrow yours ;-) paladin of the order of Knights Of Truth is level 4! It is a fun game to play if you like RPG, even though there are some things I disagree with and would change, but it's possible to live with. I'm thinking about adding a Games page... we will see. Hope you are having a good weekend too!
Yesterday completed the banner for my Thinker page. Today changed the design of my main banner, I think I like it better now. We had to reschedule our camping plans this weekend, so I might have some time to work on the site, even though it's pretty hard after installing EverQuest ;-)
Worked on the layout of my site this past weekend. Got the front page to be the way I like it (pretty much at least, it's kind of hard to stop trying to perfect it.) Last night completed the Better Half pages. I never thought it would be so much fun working on this site. Wanted to correct a few spelling errors on one of the pages today, made a silly mistake and tried to edit it remotely. Oops! Page became corrupted during the transfer and I lost it. Good thing I have a backup ;-) Will restore it later on tonight.
Have a good news today. Jesus is risen! ;-) I was thinking about it today (well more like yesterday, 4/4/99) and I definitely have a lot of things to thank my Lord for... All the good things that happened in my life were from him.

My wonderful half, Chuda, will have more time now to work on these scrolls between her sword training and studying. I decided to devote 30 min every night or so to organize all this and make it a place for warriors to gather at, share their wisdom and discuss strategies for future battles. Pray for us, to build this place as quickly as possible and not to make any compromises in quality, so that this place would be something we all look forward to visiting. Here are a couple of prayer examples to help you out.

#1: Lord, please help these wonderful people to start this website, make it work right and put some meaningful info on these pages.

#2: Dad, would you please kick them, so they will get up, stop playing games and watch TV and finally do something with this place! ;-)
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