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It sure has been a long, long time since the last update. Sorry for slacking off and thank you for being patient.

I found a cool music site, PureVolume.com. Since it only has "legal" music, there isn't as much of it as P2P networks have but it seems to be arranged better with categories and abilities to see what people with tastes similar to yours are listening to. It's seems to be a cool way to discover lesser known bands. They also update you on any bands that are going to be performing in your town, if they match music styles that you have added to your favorites. That's how I found out about "Demon Hunter/Zao" tour; I have not had that much fun in a really long time. I am registered there as "thinker".

I'm sure that by now most of you have heard of YouTube. If you like heavy metal, check out As I Lay Dying, I really like their Through Struggle and Darkest Nights. In a slightly lighter category is "Project 86", they also have a couple of clips there, The Spy Hunter has a cool ending and My Will Be A Dead Man is a continuation of that "story". For those interested, both of them are Christian bands.

I was also very happy to discover a Christian Punk band, Showbread. If you think you like them, check out their new album Age of Reptiles. I love this "e-card" feature!

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."
Margaret Thatcher
In my last update I forgot to mention one more addon for WoW that I find pretty handy. And it seems that my "1337" HTML skills are coming back, I realized that I should have used a UL block to make it look nicer. I posted the new addon in the same list in 1/8/2005 update as well as make the list a bit more readable.
Well, it's been over a year and a half now since the last update. Surprisingly, while things have been rather hectic during that time and many things have been happening, there isn't much that I am ready to write about. A lot of it I am still trying to process myself.

One major thing is that we are seriously planning to move to Charlotte, NC. Two of my favorite cousins moved there as well as some close relatives. We went to visit them sometime before Thanksgiving and haven't really found a reason not to move there, while the possibility of starting something new and having the money to do that is one of the main reasons for moving. One of the big drawbacks for moving is having to say goodbye to my friends here. Perhaps we will spend more time playing games online together.

I did a few upgrades on my PC since the last update [obviously :-] I purchased an nVidia nForce 3 motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64 3000 processor. Upgraded RAM to 1.5GB [when multitasking and playing games, it did make quite a bit of difference.] Video card is an nVidia 5900FX. One 20GB hard drive for Windows, 120GB hard drive for applications and games and another 120GB for video editing.

I've been trying out various apps for video editing, everything from bundled software that came with my DVDRW drive to Adobe Premiere Pro. Finally I've settled on Adobe Premiere Elements and have been rather happy with it since. I am yet to exhaust 50% of its possibilities and I don't need to spend 50 hours learning how to use it before I can make a basic DVD.

I started playing World of Warcraft ever since it came out [even a bit earlier, during public stress test.] For the most part I hardly played any other games, except for Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War. That was an excellent RTS game. During October/November/part of December I took a break from WoW and any other computer games [that is another story, perhaps I can post it in the near future.] Currently I'm back to playing WoW as well as Quake IV and Dawn Of War: Winter Assault. If you are playing WoW as well, I'm on the Bronzebeard server, you can send a message to Thinker, or you can send me an email.

There are some addons for WoW that I use all the time and have found them to be very stable.

  • www.Norganna.org - Auctioneer, Gatherer and Enchantrix are located here.

  • CTMod - a collection of addons. I find MailMod, PartyBuffs, QuestLevels and UnitFrames to be particularly useful. If you find that it has more features that you need, just download the main *.zip file and delete any folders in it that you don't want.

  • ABInfo - great for spell casting. It displays a countdown timer on your spell button and flashes once the spell is ready to use again.  [no longer available, 2008.02.21]

  • EquipCompare - any time you click on a link in chat or mouse-over any item that can be equipped, it will display an item that is currently equipped in that slot. Just like it happens at the auction house be default, this adds that same feature to the rest of the game.

  • bc_TrackingMenu - A very nice time-saver for those specializing in mining or herbalism and a real must-have for a hunter. It places a small icon on the mini-map border and lets you switch easily between different tracking modes [metals, herbs and in case of hunters beasts, humanoids, etc.] Also works as a great reminder to turn on tracking after you die since it will display a red X on the icon if no tracking was selected.

On a bit of a sad note, Jon S. seems to be seriously planning to leave WoW. We spent a lot of time playing together and I will miss him a lot. On a more cheerful note, we started having poker nights at my house and so far that's even more fun than playing WoW together.
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